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Advance Excel

Tutorial Videos in Hindi language

Tutorial Videos: 80+
Audio Language: Hindi
Video Format: MP4
Compatible: Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet
Download Pack Size: 580 MB Approx
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Advance Excel Syllabus Topics

Demo Videos with audio

1. If, And, OR Functions
2. Array Functions
3. Autofill and Custom List
4. Autosum with Row Reference and Column Reference
5. Concatenate
6. Condition Formatting With Mod Function
7. Convert Function
8. Countblank and Counta Function
9. Creating Combo Box
10. Large and Small
11. Find, Search and Mid Function
12. Formula Copy Shortcut
13. Hyperlink through Drag and Drop
14. Index Function
15. Information Function
16. Left and Right Function
17. Macro in Excel
18. Match and Index Function
19. Match Function
20. Mod Function
21. More Text
22. Nested If
23. Proper, Upper and Lower Function
24. Rank Function
25. Replace and Substitute Function
26. Sumif, Countif and Averageif Function
27. Sumifs, Countifs, Averageifs Function
28. Text Functions
29. Transpose Function
30. Vlookup
31. Weekday
32. Insert and Edit the Data in Multiple Worksheets
33. Insert Watermark in Excel 2010
34. Quickly Transpose Data Using Shortcut
35. Turn Off And On Worksheet Tabs and Scroll Bars

Excel Tips & Tricks

1. Changing Grid line Color and Hide or Show Formula Bar 2. Cycle Font Color
3. Specify the Behavior Of Enter Key
4. Changing Label Orientation
5. Selecting Group of Cells
6. Changing Worksheets Orientations in One Go
7. Selecting Ranges with Keyboard
8. Shortcut to Viewing Formulas
9. Switch between Workbooks
10. Create Button
11. Manipulating Objects
12. Deleting Graphics When Deleting Row
13. Hide Graphics
14. Change Column Label in Number Label
15. Change Shape of Comment
16. Controlling Display of the Scroll Bars
17. Print Gridlines and Headings
18. Print Page Number at the Bottom of Each Page
19. Print Several Portions of a Worksheet on a Single                Paper
20. Printing a Draft of a Worksheet
21. Printing a Portion of a Worksheet
22. Printing Rows Conditionally
23. Printing without Opening Workbooks
24. Hiding Errors on Printout
25. Print Comments in Excel
26. Quickly Copy Formula
27. Quickly Insert Current Date and Time
28. Open a Copy of a Workbook
29. Centering the Worksheet Data
30. Create Bar Graph
31. Applying Range Names to Formula
32. Entered Values Are Divided By 100
33. Share Workbook
34. Split Column Data
35. Trick to Change Predefined Group Name
36. Trick to Create Own Tab
37. Trick to Insert Picture Comment
38. Trick to Open Specific Workbooks
39. Unprotect Only a Portion of an Excel Spreadsheet
40. Spelling Check
41. Insert Total Row
42. Search Box
43. Data validation
44. Dependent Dropdown list
45. Conditional Formatting
46. Pivot Table
47. Insert Sheet
48. Copy Numbers Only
49. Text value Convert Number

9. Creating Combo Box
17. Macro In Excel
22. Nested If
37. Cycle Font Color
48. Manipulating Objects
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