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PageMaker 7

Tutorial Videos in Hindi language

Tutorial Videos: 22
Audio Language: Hindi
Video Format: MP4
Compatible: Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet
Download Pack Size: 350 MB Approx
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PageMaker Syllabus Topics

Demo Videos with audio

1. PageMaker Introduction Basic
2. Page Basic
3. Pick, Rectangle, Ellipse Topic
4. Rectangular Frame, Elliptical Frame, Polygon Frame
5. Line, Crop
6. Text Tool
7. Master Page
8. Saving the Publication
9. Closing the Publication and Quitting Page maker
10. Importing Text and Picture
11. Column Guide
12. Insert Object
13. Mask and Unmask
14. Text wrap
15. Align Text
16. Bullets and Numbering
17. Index and TOC
18. Colour Palette
19. View Option
20. Edit Layout
21. Group and ungroup
22. Lock and unlock

7. Pagemaker Master Page
11. Pagemaker Column Master Guide
22. Pagemaker Lock & Unlock
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