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Tutorial Videos in Hindi language

Tutorial Videos: 70+
Audio Language: Hindi
Video Format: MP4
Compatible: Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet
Download Pack Size: 1.0 GB Approx
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Photoshop CC 2018 Syllabus Topics

Demo Videos with audio

1. Photoshop Introduction

2. Photoshop Marquee Tool 1

3. Photoshop Marquee Tool 2

4. Photoshop Marquee Tool 3

5. Photoshop Lasso Tool, Polygonal Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool

6. Photoshop Quick Selection Tool

7. Photoshop Magic Word Tool

8. Photoshop Crop Tool & Perspective Crop Tool

9. Photoshop Slice & Slice Selection Tool

10. Photoshop Eyedropper Tool, Color Sampler Tool, Ruler Tool,          Note Tool, Count Tool

11. Photoshop Spot Healing Brush Tool, Healing Brush Tool,                Patch Tool, Content Aware Move Tool, Red Eye Tool

12. Photoshop Brush Tool, Pencil Tool, Color Replacement Tool,          Mixe Brush Tool

13. Photoshop History Brush Tool

14. Photoshop Art History Brush Tool

15. Photoshop Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool, Magic                  Eraser Tool

16. Photoshop Gradient Tool, Paint Bucket Tool

17. Photoshop Blur Tool, Sharpen Tool, Smudge Tool

18. Photoshop Dodge Tool, Burn Tool, Sponge Tool

19. Photoshop Pen Tool, Freeform Pen Tool, Curvature Pen Tool,        Add Anchor Point Tool, Delete Anchor Point Tool, Convert              Point Tool 

20. Photoshop Horizontal Type Tool, Vertical Type Tool

21. Photoshop Vertical Type Mask Tool, Horizontal Type Mask              Tool

22. Photoshop Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse          Tool, Polygonal Tool, Line Tool, Custom Shape Tool

23. Photoshop Passport size photos

24. Photoshop Render Effects

25. Photoshop Lens Flare Effect

26. Photoshop Goggles Effect

27. Photoshop Simple Frame Effect

28. Photoshop Opacity Effect

29. Photoshop Film Frame Effect

30. Photoshop Double Exposure Effect

31. Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

32. Photoshop Burning Text

33. Photoshop Starplus Logo

34. Photoshop Menus Overview

35. File-1 New,Open,Open as,Open Recent,Close,Close                        All,Save,Save as,Revert,Export, Generate Share on Behance,        Search Adobe Stock, Place Embedded,Place Linked

36. File-2 Automate, Batch, PDF Presentation

37. FILE - 3 -Automate, Create Droplet

38. FILE - 4 -Automate, Crop and Straighten Photos

39. FILE - 5 -Automate, Contact Sheet 2

40. FILE - 6 -Automate, Conditional Mode Change, Fit Image

41. FILE - 7 -Automate, Lens Correction

42. File - 8 - Scripts, Image Processor

43. File - 9 - Scripts, Delete all Empty Layers

44. File - 10 - Scripts, Scripts Event Manager

45. File - 11 - Scripts, Load files into Stack

46. File - 12 - Scripts, Statistics

47. File - 13 Print & Exit

48. Edit -1 Redo Clear, Step Backward, Step Forward, Cut, Copy,          Paste, Clear

49. Edit -2 Check Spelling, Find & Replace text

50. Edit -3 Fill & Stroke

51. Edit - 4 Content Aware Scale, Puppet warp, Perspective warp,        Free Transform, Transform

52. Edit - 5 Define Brush Presets, Define Pattern

53. Edit - 6 Purge

54. Edit - 7 - Just Overview about, Adobe PDF Presets, Presets,            Remote Connections, Color Setting, Assign Profile, Convert          to Profile, Keyboard Shortcuts Menu, Toolbar, Preference

55. Image - 1 Mode, Adjustment, Auto tone, Auto Contrast, Auto          Color, Image Size, Canvas Size, Image Rotation, Trim,                      Duplicate, Apply Image, Calculations

56. Image - 2 Analysis Overview

57. Layer-1 New Layer, Layer From Background, Group, Group          From Layer, Artboard, Artboard From Layer, Layer Via Copy

58. Layer-2 Duplicate Layer, Delete Layer, Hidden Layer

59. Layer-3 Layer Style, Blending Options all Effect

60. Layer-4 New Fill Layer, New Adjustment Layer

61. Layer-5 Layer Mask, Vector Mask

62. Layer-6 Smart Object, Convert to Smart Object, New Smart            Object via Copy, Edit Contents, Relink to File, Replace                    Contents, Convert to link, Rasterize

63. Layer-7 Group Layer, Ungroup Layer, Hide Layer, New Layer          Based Slice

64. Layer - 8 Arrange Bring to front, Bring Forward, Send                      Backward send to Back

65. Layer - 9 Lock Layer , Merge Layer, Merge Visible, Flatten                Image

66. Type, Panels, Character Panel, Paragraph Panel, Anti Alias,            Orientation, Horizontal, Vertical

67. Select 1 All, Deselect, Reselect, All Layer, Deselect Layers,            Find Layer, Isolate Layer

68. Select 2 Color Range, Focus area, Selected and Mask, Modify,        Border, Transform Selection, Edit in Quick Mask Mode, Load          Selection

69. Filter, Tiles, Filter Gallery, Adaptive Wide Angle, Camera row          filter, Lens, Correction, Liquify, Blur, Blur Gallery, Distort,                Noise, Pixdate, Render, Sharpen Stylize, Other

70. View 1 Proof Setup, Proof colors, Gamul warning, Pixel                  Aspect Ratio, Zoom In, Zoom out, Fit on Screen, 100% 200%,          Print size, Screen Mode

71. View 2 Extras, Show - Grid, Rulers, Lock Guides,Clear                    Canvas Guides, New Guide, New Guide Layout

72. Window 1 - Arrange Tile all Vertically,Tile All Horizontally,3 up        Staked,Consolidate all Tabs,Tile,Float in windows,Float all in          windows

73. Window 2 - Overall Overview, Layers, Libraries, Modifier                keys, Navigator, Note, Paragraph, Paragraph Style, Path,                Properties, Style, Swatches, Timeline, Tool Presets, Options,          Tools

13. Photoshop History Brush Tool
23. Photoshop Passport size Photos
26. Photoshop Goggles Effect
32. Photoshop Burning Text
47. File 13 - Print & Exit
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